Current Projects


These are all the releases I’ve been directly involved with and/or guest appeared on.

Velvet Blue Music:

  • Blue Blue Youth

    • We Are Wood And Likely To Burn (Cassette / Digital) VBM173
  • Soda Shop

    • Keep Swimming (Digital Single) VBM165
    • Soda Shop LP (12” / CD / Digital) VBM166
    • Grow Up (Digital Single) VBM167
    • Wistful Past (Digital Single) VBM170
    • Keep Swimming Ian Catt Remix (Digital Single)


Holiday Friends Recording Co. (previously Holiday Records)

The first release here was a cover Jacob and I did of The Field Mice’s “I Wish I Meant More To You.”

The second are a handful of tracks under the name “Historical Society” for three Xmas compilations. I long lost the original project file for Snow Day (I cannot even remember if I had done it in GarageBand or Cubase?). Note: The track Xmas is vocal-less (I hated the rush job of vocals but loved the music, so I took liberty to edit my past). What I’m most proud of is that all of these are played by hand… I had no sequencers at the time and had to make due with a click track.

  • Horse Shoes
    • “I Wish I Meant More To You” Field Mice cover
      • Released 2009
      • Catalogue #: HOLIDAY0021
  • Historical Society
    • A Christmas Treasury Vol. 1 (Digital)
      • Snow Day (Track 5)
      • Released 2009
      • Catalogue #: HOLIDAY0037
    • A Christmas Treasury Vol. 2 - Part 2 (Digital)
      • Xmas (Track 2)
      • Released 2010
      • Catalogue #: HOLIDAY0067
    • A Christmas Treasury Vol. 3 (Digital)
      • A Light in the Darkness (Track 5)
      • Released 2011
      • Catalogue #: HOLIDAY0037

Appears On:

  • Travelogue

  • The Wake

  • Earth First

  • Jon Sonnenberg

    • Acoustic Sessions (CD)
      • Drums on tracks 2, 3, 10 and 16
      • Released June 24th, 2008 via Old Man Records 🪦
      • Catalogue #: OMR002

Past Projects:

  • Plastic Flowers

    I joined Plastic Flowers shortly after Sean Beard moved to NYC from Florida, we had unknowingly met in the past at an Autobahn festival in Ohio where he was playing with (then Plastiq Musiq band) Anna Ranger. Though I was not on the Wierd release, there exists many unfinished recordings before I left the band.

  • FMT Recordings

    This was a somewhat disorganized and failed attempt at starting a small cassette label with my friend Julian Brau (whom handled the mixing/mastering of each release). Nonetheless, we did have some great releases (IMHO) and I learned that I never want to run a label. All artwork except Fimbria, Worries and Christmas According to Jon was created by me.

    • Curated, Vol. 1 (FMT001)
    • “Christmas According to Jon” by Jon Sonnenbery (FMT002)
    • “Greater Varsa” by Greater Varsa (FMT003) scrapped
    • “Age” by Worries (FMT005)
    • “Woodland Mischieves” by Peppermint Kisses (FMT006)
    • “Forgiveness (Single)” by Fimbria (FMT007)
    • “Northern Winds” by Fimbria (FMT008)
    • “An ngel in a Dream” by Goodnight Star (FMT009)

Touring Musician:

  • The Drums
    • Guitar
  • Taken By Trees (SE)
    • Bassist
  • The Embassy (SE)
    • Bassist